Many thousands of years back, the Tamilans worshipped Nature as Muruku (a Tamil word meaning: 'youthfulness, tenderness, fragrance, etc'). Temples were constructed in natural settings -- around forests, hilly areas, waterfalls and seashores. Tiruchendur temple is one among them, but it has a special significance. It was here that Lord Murugan arrived with his band of warriors to fight against the Asura, Soorapadma. So a temple was constructed at Tiruchendur for Lord Murugan in rememberance of this.

     Soorapadma was a very powerful Asura who was causing immense hardships to Devas and mankind alike by his wicked deeds. The Devas appealed to Lord Shiva to spare them from the tortures of Soorapadma. Lord Shiva in response to their appeal told them that He would produce a Son from His Sakti to annihilate Soorapadma.

     Lord Shiva generated six powerful sparks from His third eye called Netrikkan. Lord Vayu (god of air) and Lord Agni (god of fire) carried these sparks to river Ganges. Goddess Ganga carried them to Saravana Poygai, a holy pond.The sparks became six divine small male babies. By God's grace, six divine water nymphs (the six Krittikas) nurtured these babies.

     When Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi came to earth to behold these babies, Goddess Parvati embraced all the six infants at once and made them into a single child with six faces and twelve hands. From Goddess Parvati Devi's anklets, nine shaktis appeared. Veerabahu and lakhs of soldiers emerged from these Nava Shaktis. These men headed by Veerabahu became the warriors of Lord Murugan. Lord Shiva for His part gave Lord Murugan a vel (spear) called Vetrivel destined to give success at all times (Vetrivel - spear of success). He also endowed him with eleven Rudras. Eleven Rudras were changed into eleven arms.

     With the blessings of His divine parents, Lord Murugan came to Tiruchendur with His armed group. He immediately sent Veerabahu as an emissary to Soorapadma and asked him to release all the Devas imprisoned by him. But the Asura refused. So Lord Murugan had no option but to wage war against Soorapadma and his legions. It lasted for ten days.

     Lord Murugan defeated the Asuras and converted Soorapadma into a peacock and a cock. The peacock or Mayil became the vehicle of Lord Murugan. Therefore He is also called Mayilvahanan. Ceval or cock adorned his flag.Hence,He is called Ceval kodiyon.

     The guru (teacher) of Devas Lord Prahaspati, Lord Indra, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and all the Devas hailed Lord Murugan's victory and worshipped him nine times (Nava Kala Pooja). Lord Murugan in turn worshipped Lord Shiva in the form of Linga called Sivalinga. Since Lord Murugan and the devas emerged victorious at Tiruchendur, it is also called as Jayanti Nagar as Jaya means victory.

     Lord Murugan blesses everyone who worships Him. He extends His arul or supreme grace to all those who pray before Him. He removes all the ills of people who come to Him. He never lets down His disciples. Worship Lord Murugan at Tiruchendur and seek His blessings. He will present everything to you. He will bless you with a blemishless and peaceful life.