Lord Murugan with the blessings from His divine parents, Brahma, Vishnu and crores of devas, created Tiruchendur in southeastern region near Vira Magendragiri Hills. Near Tiruchendur temple, a small temple for Lord Vinayaga is also found. It is called Tundugai Vinayagar Temple. All devotees will first worship this Tundugai Vinayagar and then only worship Lord Murugan.

     In the temple, there are three prakarams. In the first prakaram (round), Siddhi Vinayaga Peruman Temple is situated. In this prakaram, if one moves towards west, on the farthest west there one can see 108 SivaLingas. These Sivalingas are called 108 Mahadevars. Then if one turns north, one can see a tall sized Vallapa Vinayagar facing west. After going to the north end, if one turns east, the Perumal Sannidhi is situated there. After reaching the Perumal Sannidhi end, if one turns south, one finds the copper Kodi Maram(Holy Flag mast). Kalyana Vinayagar is situated near Kodi Maram. Usually marriages take place near this sannidhi.

     At the entrance of second prakaram on both sides one can see Vira Marthandar & Virakesari. There is also a Kumaravidanga Peruman deity facing east at the entrance. If you move towards the west along this prakaram, you can find Lord Dakshina Murti temple. After worshipping Him, if you move along you will find in the southwest corner the sannidhi of Goddess Valliammai. There is also a divine bedroom called Palli arai in that sannidhi. Next to that is the Yaga Salai Mandapam where Yaga Pujas are done during the Skanda Shasti festival time. Facing the yaga salai you can see Lord Balasubramanian, a replica of Lord Murugan of the Sanctum, Sanctorum.

     In the northwest corner there is a sannidhi for Goddess Teyvayanai. In between the sannidhis of these two goddesses, at the back of them you can find the sannidhis of Lord Sankara Narayanar, Lord Kasi Viswanathar, Vadhapuriswarar, Vedhapuriswarar and Ekambara Nathar. If you move eastwards along the prakaram, you can find Mayuranathar facing north and Lord Chandeswarar facing south. As you proceed, you can also find the sannidhis of Lord Nataraja and Lord Baihravar.Next to Lord Nataraja Lord Saneeswara is found facing south. Then if you continue along south, you reach the golden Kodi Maram.

     When you enter the inner chamber(Maha mandabam) facing the east you can find the statue of Parvathi Devi and Kariya Manickavinayagar.At the entrance of sanctum sanctorum on both sides you can find Lords Virabahu and Vira Mahendrar. After Lord Murugan defeated Soorapadma, He worshipped the Pancha Lingas(Five Sivalingas) with flowers at this spot. Then the Devas called Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan looked at the Devas with flowers in His hand. This is the divine posture in which we see Lord Muruga in the sanctum sanctorum. He is called Lord Balasubramanian. The Pancha Lingas that Lord Muruga worshipped are behind Him in the temple.

     After worshipping the main deity, if one moves along towards east one can see Lord Jayanti Nathar. Then one can see Shunmugar facing south. He is called Uthsavar. If one says "Muruga" at least once, all his hardships will evaporate into thin air. Let us all wear His sacred ash on our forehead and worship Him to get His blessings.